What We're Looking For

  • Artistic quality
  • Programs appropriate for a general Festival audience
  • Proposals relating to the themes and description above
  • A fully formed 50–60 minute program

Materials for Proposal Submission

  1. Contact Information
  2. CV
    • Artist résumé
    • Relevant press clippings or reviews
  3. Program Details
    • Video sample (encouraged)
    • Promotional photo

Deadlines and Notification

Send relevant materials to:

One Reel
ATTN: Bumbershoot Words & Ideas Application
1621 12th Avenue, Lower Level, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98122

Application materials must be delivered no later than Friday, March 31. Notification by May 1 via email. Your materials will not be returned without a SASE and sufficient postage.

If you have questions, please contact arts (at) onereel.org.

Contact Information

Main Contact

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Program Details

  1. (50–60 minutes preferred)

  2. The standard set-up for the Words & Ideas Stage includes: 3 standard microphones on boom (angled) stands, a music stand, a lectern, a stool. We can also support some multimedia. If you are working with slides or movies it is best to plan on bringing your own laptop with the media ready to play in its appropriate application.

    Please list what, if any, additional tech instruments or set pieces you require, and what, if any, multimedia you plan to use.

  1. Attach your promotional photo. JPG format, high-resolution (300 dpi), 3" x 5" or larger please.

  2. Please include a URL for your video. If on file or DVD, sample must be labeled appropriately. Cue to the review point, or specify tracks. Reviewers will consider approximately 10 minutes of material. If you do not have a sample of your proposed project, please send an alternate sample of your work.

  3. Please write a 50-word bio for this program and yourself as it would appear in an event program.

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