What We're Looking For

  • Indoor Exhibits: Indoor spaces range from 50–300 sq, ft each and will be installed with supervision and limited support from Bumbershoot production tea, and will be operated by the artist and artist's team.
  • Outdoor Installations: Large-scale works that are visually and mentally arresting and which use the festival grounds in creative ways. Not bound to the walls of a gallery, a stage or theater, our outdoor spaces allow for ideas to take on a larger-than-life quality, and include time-based art, site-specific installation, social sculpture, and visual art that would simply work well in an outdoor setting.
  • Other Performance Art and Spectacle: Collaborative pieces that cross genres and blend performance with visual art-based installations are also encouraged. We challenge artists to create works that have interactive elements and engage our audience to be active contributors or that dazzle them with captivating spectacle.
  • Your Availability: Curators and artists do not have to live in Seattle, but due to the production planning requirements of the exhibit we recommend that at least an exhibit representative live in Seattle, or that the artist/curator travel to Seattle prior to the actual exhibit.

Venue Notes

  • Indoor Exhibits: Indoor spaces range from 900 to 6,000 square feet each and will receive preparation by Bumbershoot’s production team, with the support and cooperation of the applicant.
  • Outdoor Installations: Seattle Center, home of Bumbershoot, is Seattle’s largest urban park. It is filled with features—walls, trees, fountains, walkways, lawns, and most noticeably, the Space Needle. All of these features present opportunities for artists to capture and explode the imagination of the public. Outdoor art must conform to standards set by the Seattle Center, will be installed with supervision and limited support from Bumbershoot’s production team, and will be operated by the artist and artist's team.

Materials for Proposal Submission

  1. Contact Information
  2. CV
    • Artist résumé
    • Relevant press clippings or reviews
  3. Project Description & Details
    • Artistic statement
    • Technical requirements
  4. Project Budget Worksheet

Deadlines and Notification

Send relevant materials to:

One Reel
ATTN: Bumbershoot Visual Arts Application
1621 12th Avenue, Lower Level, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98122

Application materials must be delivered no later than Friday, March 31. Notification by May 1 via email.

If you have questions, please contact arts (at) onereel.org.

We're sorry, the application period is closed.