What We're Looking For

  • Theatrical presentations 30–75 minutes long
  • Suggested performance types: late night shows, season showcase performances, solo shows, puppet theatre, cabaret, theatrical comedy and youth-oriented shows
  • Performances that will captivate a pop culture-savvy festival audience, many of whom will not have previous exposure to the art form
  • Fun, daring, spectacular, truly exciting performance

Venue & Tech Notes

The Bumbershoot theatre program occurs in the Carleton Playhouse at the Center Theatre. The venue, configured in a modified thrust, seats 195 with no seat further than seven rows from the stage. The festival package consists of a full drape set with travelers upstage, providing an intimate performance environment with excellent acoustics.

Festival Technical Capabilities:

  • Lighting: A full repertory festival plot will be provided. It is anticipated that each festival company will use up to four specials. ETC Express 48/96 control.
  • Sound: Mackie 24/8 mixer, 8 output channels; 6 mains speakers; live sound capable; wired and wireless microphones, dual deck CD playback, multi-media playback capable.
  • Projections: Canon x600 3300 lumens projector; variety of front and rear matte screens
  • Full Telex communications system
  • Yamaha studio acoustic piano
  • Extensive inventory of tables, chairs and rehearsal blocks

Please note that the TPS Stage at Bumbershoot performances are presented in a festival format. Each company will be given up to six hours for technical and dress rehearsals prior to the festival. During the festival, the turnaround time between shows is limited to 30 minutes. All companies are encouraged to assist production management in accomplishing efficient changeovers between shows.

Materials for Proposal Submission

  1. Contact Information
  2. CV
    • Artist résumé
    • Relevant press clippings or reviews
  3. Performance Details
    • Video sample
    • Promotional photo
  4. Technical Details
    • Tech rider
    • Scaled floor plan of your typical stage configuration
    • General tech requirements overview
    • Other special considerations

Deadlines and Notification

Applications must be postmarked or hand-delivered no later than 5 p.m. Sunday, April 8. Notification by April 16 via email.

If you have questions, please contact shane (at) tpsonline.org. Thanks for your interest in the Theatre Puget Sound Stage at Bumbershoot!

We're sorry, the application period is closed.